Rural England and its Small Schools under threat from Tory Policy

Bob Holland, a member of Skipton & Ripon CLP writes;


This Conservative Government has policies not conducive for the small rural villages in this area.
Firstly, Tory Laws have damaged Local Council planning.
Developers get permission to build as they choose, and planned new laws will cut Councils’ Powers even more.
See CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) website for more information on this issue.


Secondly, small schools are under threat in villages like

Bradley, Cononley, Lothersdale, Cowling, Threshfield and Kettlewell.
Ofsted have said that these are good schools, but they are smaller than average with one having as few as 30 pupils.

Ministers say ALL schools must join Multi-Academy Chains, and Parents should no longer be Governors. But the Headteachers’ Association say this will cause
“A HIGH RISK to the viability of SMALL , rural schools”.


The Labour Party opposes both of these policies.

Please email for more information.


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