Labour is only party to contest all nine seats in Craven District Elections 2018

Labour is the only political party to contest all nine seats on Craven District Council that are up for election on May 3.

This means that voters across Craven, where there are elections, will have the opportunity not just to show their opposition to the eight years of austerity that have seen services cut whilst council taxes have soared, but will also be able to demonstrate their support for Labour’s positive alternative.

Our candidates make the following pledges to voters:

Labour will:
• Fight council secrecy and promote accountability.
• See that planning decisions are based on the needs of the community not the building companies.
• Ensure vital community services are given council backing.
• Work to attract well-paid jobs, especially for young people.
• Challenge the reduced police presence across the area.
• Encourage a vibrant tourism sector.

Whether you live in one of the wards where there are elections or not, you can help Labour’s campaign.

To find out how contact us on


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