Skipton and Ripon Labour back party’s national campaign days

Labour Party members were out in force in Skipton and Ripon on the  Saturday after the 2018 Party Conference and the weekend after the Budget. 

Following the party conference  we handed out leaflets to shoppers as part of Labour’s post conference national campaign day.  The aim was to promote the policies to rebuild Britain that had been set out at conference. These focussed on the need for high wage, high skilled jobs; stronger communities, including a commitment to 10,000 extra police officers; and rebuilding public services with greater resources for the NHS.

 We got a really positive response from people who were keen to know about Labour’s plans to address the problems that the government ignores as it fights its internal battles over Brexit.

 Earlier the local party had been represented at the conference in Liverpool by Skipton member Alan Hickman and Ripon young member Tyler Reeton.  The two of them took part in the lengthy meeting during conference that drew up the motion on Brexit. They  supported a call from the local party for a general election if the final Brexit deal cannot be agreed by parliament, and failing that a people’s vote. The party will continue its campaign work over the coming months.

A few weeks later we were out again as part of the national party’s post Budget campaign day. This time we took our campaign direct to the door step leafletting on the Greatwood estate promoting the party’s message that whilst the Tories say austerity is coming to an end that is not the way it looks to most working people.


campaigning in Skipton

And in Ripon


 Delivering our post Budget message on the Greatwood estate in Skipton.


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