Janet Oxley

Janet Oxley


Former Craven District Councillor Janet Oxley has died at the age of 79.

Janet was a Labour member for Skipton East in the 1990s before stepping down in due to ill health at the 1999 elections. She subsequently moved to join her family in Peterborough, where she died peacefully at home on January 28.

Her former party colleague Margaret Billing paid this tribute: “We were friends and comrades- in-arms all through the Thatcher years and very active in supporting the miners, while before and during that also initiating and taking part in anti-nuclear activities whenever we could.

“On the local scene, Janet was unceasing in fighting for better conditions on behalf of low paid people, especially in relation to our council housing stock which, although we were glad to have it, had been allowed to deteriorate to a very poor state. People who lived in Airey houses before our intensive programme of rebuilding the Greatwood and Horseclose Estate and putting new kitchens and bathroooms in the rest of our housing stock, getting rid of mould and damp, will remember her support for the programme and her efforts to ensure that homeless people were provided for.

“For me personally, she was with Chris (Rose) an ever-supportive and active campaigner, especially at election times. Indeed, she represented the best of the Labour Party in so many ways and we were all sorry to see her go when her ill health necessitated her being nearer her family. I shall always remember her with fondness and admiration for the steadfast person she was.”


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