Local Elections in Craven 2019 – What our candidates say

We would love to be able  to talk to every voter about our candidates and their policies. And if we could not do that then at least we’d like to be able to deliver a leaflet to all of you. But sadly we have neither the resources nor the volunteers to do that so this year, we are concentrating our efforts in just a few seats but we do want all voters to know who we are and what we stand for so first of all here are our key messages:

Craven is crying out for change

And here you can find out more about our individual candidates.


David Grace – Bentham

David has lived in Yorkshire all his life apart from the time he served in the Army. He moved to the Craven area 15 years ago, is married, has two grown up children and one grandchild. He has been a lorry driver for the past 18 years and enjoys spending his downtime with his family. David believes that everyone should be given equal opportunities in life whatever their background and that the community plays a vital role in overall wellbeing and helps people to build foundations that shape their future. He also feels that it is important for everyone within the community to be heard and listened to. He says “ Social care is vital in our community and people should never be dismissed. Time and time again it has been shown that austerity does not work – everyone is important and should matter.”


Bob Holland – Embsay with Eastby

Bob says: “According to Age UK seven per cent of all households are being denied the social care they need. That is equivalent to 60 elderly people in Embsay and Eastby. This is distressing for our elderly neighbours and their carers, who often lose earnings or become ill. Craven has a high number of elderly, as I am 80 I feel personally about this. I feel their voice needs to be heard.

I am standing for the LABOUR PARTY in this election , to give voters a chance to show opposition to Tory “ Austerity” policies. TORIES are harming young families with by HIGH RENTS,FROZEN BENEFITS, CUTS in SCHOOL BUDGETS, LACK OF SOCIAL HOUSING here ,and GROWING UNEMPLOYMENT in YORKSHIRE.

Whilst Craven Council cannot do anything about Brexit, people ask me about Labour’s policy on Europe. It is (a) We accept the result of referendum; b) we recognise a compromise is needed between the two main parties, to avoid “No Deal” Brexit; c) A PEOPLE’S VOTE is part of our policy. I would be happy to discuss this or other local issues with residents.Please send your comments to:- sandrholl@tiscali.co.uk


Paula Derry – Gargrave and Malhamdale

Paula says: ‘We say we want local democracy but locally ALL of these have for a very long time been controlled by the Conservative Party:

• Member of Parliament – currently Julian Smith – Chief Whip
• County Council
• District Council
• Skipton Town Council.

Every cut in services and denial of support for communities has been made by the Conservative Party. When we are told that there is no money for traffic calming measures around our villages or for anything else to improve our lives this is a direct result of their policies.

Issues around really affordable housing for local people are not being addressed.

Next year will see even deeper cuts to local government budgets by central government, approved by our MP Julian Smith. Our local representatives will be choosing which services to cut or not cut.

At the moment they do not have to care about what you want or need as they think you will always vote for them anyway!



Paul Routledge – Glusburn

Paul Routledge is resident in Cross Hills, moving here ten years ago from Cowling. He says:
“I am a journalist [columnist with the Daily Mirror] with long experience of politics – though not yet as an elected representative!
“If elected, I would push for improvements in public transport, and enforcement of the speed limits on road traffic through the village. I would also seek to get rid of some eyesores that blight the main road.
“Glusburn and Cross Hills need a new voice in the Craven Council chamber. I aspire to be that voice.”


Skipton East – Gerardo Iannaccone

I moved to Skipton in 1998 from Spain to take up a teaching post in a local school with my wife, Helen.
We settled in the Skipton area and have one child who attends a local school.
I have decided to stand as a Labour candidate in the local elections because I believe every town needs people speaking for them.
We represent the 99% who want fairness and better society for all.
I want to see my town strive and succeed even under the draconian politically driven austerity cuts sent down from Theresa May’s government.
Vote for me on local Elections on Thursday 2nd May
for Skipton East War for Craven District Council and Skipton West Ward for Skipton Town Council.
Let’s make things better together!


Skipton North district council candidate – Adrian Lunn 

I have recently moved into the ward, having lived/worked in Skipton for 30 years. I’m a train driver based at Skipton Railway Station, having started as a conductor/guard in 1992 with British Rail.
Skipton has grown and grown over the past 30 years but the infrastructure of the town hasn’t kept up with the increased growth. We still have only two doctors surgeries.
The roads are gridlocked, Newmarket Street/Otley Road/Shortbank Road roundabout which will only get worse due to the building of more houses.
More and more green spaces are under threat of being built on (Park hill).
Skipton North Ward has the junction of A65/A59 & A6131 which is the only junction on Skipton Bypass (Snaygill to Harrogate/Leeds roundabout) that doesn’t have a roundabout, recently this junction has seen many accidents including the death of a motorcyclist.
I would, like many others, like to see that this junction is updated to make it safe for everyone.
Car parking in Skipton causes lots of problems, as there is a shortage of parking. Residential areas are full with people parking for work, also along Gargrave Road, workers parking on the cycle route,
These are just some of the problems I wish raised as your councillor.
If I’m elected as your councillor, I will be here for the people of Skipton North Ward, it’s your Ward, have your say, and I will do everything possible to help.

Adrian has also made a video to tell you more about why he is standing. You can view it here: Adrian Lunn: video



Skipton South – Brian McDaid

Recently, our political landscape has been consumed by Brexit and whilst I understand the uncertainty and chaos is a concern to many, this campaign will be about focusing on our local community.
Skipton South is an area I know well, as I lived there for 5-years and my wife also lived in Greatwood.
I have spoken to many people in the area about their concerns, what they want to see from a local councillor – someone they know and someone they can trust to speak for them.
Another common theme is the desire to bring back the sense of community.
A strong community is vital for me. It is something that many feel has been forgotten in today’s society, so it is my priority to help bring it back and will be the foundation of my campaign, along with building on the Labour values of ensuring we all live in a fair and equal society.


Skipton West – Peter Madeley

Peter Madeley has represented Skipton West on Craven Council for the past five years. Over that time he has:

* worked closely with residents to set up active associations in the Broughton Road, Burnside, Carleton Park and Keighley Road areas

* led the campaign to make the canal towpath safe for pedestrians

* pressed the council and other bodies to keep the streets clean

* played a leading role in drawing up plans for major developments around the train station. He is now looking for your support to carry on this work.

Peter also represents the ward on Skipton Town Council alongside Alan Hickman, the current mayor. Together they have helped transform the way the local council operates, making it more efficient and better able to serve local people.


Sutton in Craven – John Pope

Since moving to Skipton in 2013 John has become an active member of the local Labour Party and a number of charities and community organisations
John was Chair of Barrowford Parish Council in Pendle for five years. He worked with Pendle MP Gordon Prentice on the 2010 election campaign. John and his wife Pen have three grown-up sons.
John taught IT in Higher Education and then moved into consultancy and training. He is now retired.
John believes that “by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone”. He says that Craven District Council should practice this!


West Craven – Geraldine Reardon

Geraldine says: “Rural communities can and do achieve amazing things by working together. I believe that rather than being punished by austerity the people of West Craven should be supported in providing safe, welcoming environments for all.” Geraldine is a retired trade union official and local councillor. In Settle she volunteers in community organisations and visits areas like West Craven following her interest in history, the arts and local politics. Here she sees how planning decisions put ‘affordable’ housing out of reach for many people – buyers and renters. Poor public transport limits access to work, education and essential services like health care, the bank and shopping. And regardless of what it says, Craven DC is failing to crack down on dog fouling. “I would hold regular surgeries for residents. People have told me: ‘we need someone to speak up’. I want West Craven to have the chance to vote Labour in this election.”


Upper Wharfedale – Virpi Kettu

I am 44 and lived in Craven for almost 5 years now. I am a digital media, design and film making professional and teacher. I was involved with Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and the Burn the Witch video for Radiohead. I am also very active in a local culture scene by organising the successful Skipton Girls Rock Camp with Selfa and as a founding member and director of Craven Arts(www.cravenarts.co.uk); A charity connecting audiences with local artist and creative people for the benefit of Craven area.
Before moving to England I was politically and culturally active in my native Finland and in Canada as dual citizen.
My aim is to support the inclusion of everyone in our communities securing healthcare services, improve public transport in the area and promote the local culture, education and creative industries. With my work in new media, experience in education and leading local community projects as a chair and founder of Craven Arts organisation, I can bring better social connectivity and new fresh ideas to the area.
I am very proud to be part of Skipton and Ripon Labour Party team of great candidates representing Labour values of fairness and inclusion. With honest politics and community supporting policies we can work towards ensuring good quality life for everyone.



Skipton West

Some of our district council candidates are also standing for Skipton Town Council where  all 16 seats are subject to election this year. We previously had two councillors – Peter Madeley and Alan Hickman – representing Skipton West. Both are seeking re-election. In addition, local residents John Pope and Gerardo Iannaccone are seeking to join them on the other two seats in Skipton West. You can read more about Peter, John and Gerardo above. Here are details about Alan

Alan Hickman – Skipton Town Council candidate

Alan lives in Skipton and has represented Skipton West on the town council for the past five years. He is currently the Mayor of Skipton – the town’s first Labour Mayor. He is a Christian Socialist and supports many local organisations including the Fair Trade Initiative and Refugee Support Group. He made the Pupil Referral Service his Mayoral Charity and his fund raising activities included skydiving off the East Yorkshire coast.

Skipton South

In Skipton South our district candidate Brian McDaid is also standing for the town council as are mother and daughter Elizabeth Sessford and Claire Ling. Elizabeth and Claire have made a video to tell you why they are standing as had Brian:  you can view them here:

Elizabeth and Claire; the video

Brian McDaid; the video

Skipton North

Virpi Kettu is our candidate in Skipton North – you can read more about her above.


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