Brian McDaid is Labour candidate for 2019 general election

Brian McDaid

A Skipton-based man who represents workers in the finance sector has been chosen as Labour’s candidate to contest Skipton and Ripon in the December 2019 general election.

Brian McDaid, a father of two who lives in Gargrave, is Assistant General Secretary of the finance union Aegis. He represents workers from both Skipton Building Society and Computershare and other finance institutions across the UK.

Brian has lived in the area for the past fifteen years. He is a school governor and campaigns on health and education issues.

Brian said: “The Conservatives’ austerity policies have had a devastating effect on local services over the past nine years. My wife works in the health service and our family have benefited from the tremendous and invaluable care that it provides, but I fear for the future. The Government boasts about the funding going into the service but the real issue is whether it is getting the money it needs to provide the services in health and social care that are desperately needed.

“The country is crying out for change. Labour is committed to building both a fair society and a strong economy. The two go together. We need urgent action to tackle the climate emergency. The local commitment to make Craven carbon neutral by 2030 matches Labour’s national pledge. We owe it to future generations to build a sustainable economy, affordable housing that is energy efficient and jobs for the future.

“Labour will end the Brexit nightmare by giving people the choice between the best possible Brexit deal and sticking with things the way they are. Of course, it is important we recognise the outcome of the 2016 Referendum, but what matters is what people want now and try to resolve the detrimental divisions this situation has created within our communities. Brexit might have prompted the election but it must not just be about Brexit.”

Brian McDaid can be contacted on



Promoted by Mike Smith on behalf of Brian McDaid both of 12 The Green, Settle BD24 9HL



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