2019 General Election result

Labour consolidated its position as the principal challenger to the Conservatives in Skipton and Ripon following the 2019 general election.

The full result of the December 12 poll was:

Candidate Party Votes
Andy BROWN Green Party 2748  
Brian MCDAID Labour Party 11225  
Andrew MURDAY Liberal Democrats 8701
Jack Render Yorkshire Party 1131
Julian SMITH The Conservative Party 34919 ELECTED

Turnout: 74.9% . There were 239 spoilt papers.

Comparisons with 2017 are complicated by the fact that the Lib Dems, despite having being in second place from the formation of the constituency in 1983 until 2015, did not stand at the last general election. This time they took votes off all other parties, with, not surprisingly the highest percentage coming from ourselves. But despite that we comfortably retained second place and the overall Conservative majority fell from its 2017 high of  62 per cent to 59.5per cent.

On a bad night for Labour overall, we have good reason to believe that we put in credible local performance in a seat where the main issue has always been who will be the Conservatives main challenger.

Speaking after the count Labour’s Brian McDaid pledged that Labour would continue to fight for those who have suffered in the years’ of austerity and highlight the tragedy of child poverty and growing use of foodbanks.

The 2019 campaign also saw high levels of activity by local Labour Party members both within the constituency and in helping in near by marginals.




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