A FRESH START FOR NORTH YORKSHIRE – County Council Elections 2022

Labour’s manifesto for the 2022 North Yorkshire County Council Elections offers A Fresh Start for North Yorkshire.

The manifesto was launched by party members and council candidates at events across the county at the start of the election campaign on March 28. You can read the full manifesto here


Skipton and Ripon Labour members launch our 2022 local election campaign


Labour will be standing six candidates in the Skipton and Ripon constituency.

They are:

Peter Madeley – Skipton West and West Craven

Brian McDaid – Skipton East and South

Chris Thorp – Glusburn, Cross Hills and Sutton-in-Craven

Aidan Higgins – Settle and Pen-y-Ghent

Chris Rose – Wharfedale

Lewis Morgan – Bentham and Ingleton.

You can read more about our candidates here



The May 5 elections are the first opportunity for voters to elect representatives to the new unitary authority which will replace both the old North Yorkshire County Council and the district councils from 2023. The 90 councillors elected in May will serve for one year as county councillors and then a further four years as members of the new authority which comes into office in April next year.

The new council will be responsible for the full range of local services from refuse collection to social services and highway maintenance.

Labour believes that for too long North Yorkshire has been run by a Conservative led council that paid more notice to its political masters in Westminster than it did to local residents.

The austerity years have cut local services to the bone. Nothing has been done to address the growing crisis in social services. Communities increasingly rely on volunteers to provide services once provided by local councils. A strong Labour group will offer a fresh start for the new council with strong policies based on our principles of Security, Prosperity and Respect.

We offer a new approach to tackle our housing crisis, rural poverty, and the crisis in social care. We have plans to develop the local economy with the emphasis on improving transport, developing training and skills and education. At the heart of our approach will be the need for equal treatment for all, a community based approach to policy making and the need to tackle the climate crisis through strong policies on the environment.


One effect of the new structure of local government in North Yorkshire will be the potential for more power for town and parish councils. We are therefore delighted that Labour candidates Peter Madeley and Brian McDaid have been elected unopposed as representatives of Skipton West on Skipton Town Council.

Other Labour candidates for town council seats are: Lewis Morgan and Aidan Higgins who are standing in Skipton South.

Party members are also standing in other parish council elections, though as is traditional they will be standing as independents rather than as party representatives.

For more on the 2022 local elections visit North Yorkshire Labour’s dedicated site https://northyorkshire.laboursites.org/category/news/

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