About Us/ Branch Officers

The Skipton and Ripon Constituency Labour Party is made up of two branches – Ripon and Skipton & Settle.

Despite the size of our constituency we are accessible to all of our supporters and members.  You can e-mail us at skiptonriponlabourparty@gmail.com. 

On this site you will find details of your local councillors and how to contact them, as well as other useful party contacts and information.

Constituency Labour Party Officers for 2020/2021

 Chair – Vacant

Vice-Chair -Laura Dinning

Secretary – Edward Lee

contact: skiptonriponlabourparty@gmail.com

Treasurer – David Bradbury

Membership Secretary – Geraldine Reardon

contact:  skiptonriponlabourparty@gmail.com

Women’s Officer – Christine Brackley


Skipton Branch Officers

Chair – Celia Midgley

Vice-Chair/membership  – Geraldine Reardon

Secretary – Mike Smith

Treasurer – David Bradbury

Organiser – Brian McDaid

Women’s Officer – Virpi Kettu

Youth Officer – Joe Dillon

Trade Union Liaison Officer – Pete Bell

All contactable via skiptonriponlabourparty@gmail.com


Ripon Branch Officers

Branch Chair – Laura Dinning

contactable via skiptonriponlabourparty@gmail.com

Branch Secretary – Keiron Young

contactable via skiptonriponlabourparty@gmail.com